I'm excited to annouce I'll be teaching a 2-day beaded kumihimo workshop in February at the Shepard Garden & Art Center in Sacramento, California.

There is limited seating so register now!   

Contact Diana Bosley to register:  bosley.diana@gmail.com 


The Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts is presenting a beginner/intermediate level kumihimo workshop with Diana Miglionico-Shiriashi. Participants will create this beautiful textured beaded kumihimo necklace entitled 'Pacific Tide Pool' pictured above.

Diana will lead students through the process of making this fully beaded kumihimo necklace and the movement sequences of Yatsu-Kongoh-gumi (8-strand Z spiral disc). Students will learn how to maintain consistent tension when using different sizes of beads in a braid, how to select cord, use a bead spinner and more. Saturday will be spent preparing the disk for braiding by measuring and cutting cords, preparing cord ends, and loading beads, and we will then begin braiding. Sunday will be dedicated to finishing the braiding, adding the end caps and clasp.

Registration: $135 for SCTA/SWSG members, $165 non-members, plus a $75 Kit Fee, and $23.50 Equipment Purchase Fee. Students must use the Hamanaka 6” Kumihimo Disk (invented by Makiko Tada), 8 Large Bobbins and a 45g Counter Weight. Students who have this exact disk and equipment may use their own.

There are two ways to register for SCTA workshops: Use our newsletter's registration form, or simply mail your name, email, phone number, membership status and registration fee, along with the workshop name to: SCTA Program Chair, 619 39th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816-3936.

Students Will Bring: Bead Mat, Tape Measure, Scissors, Task Light, Magnifier, Pointed Tweezers